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Project Description
Easy to use and setup file/document management system. Allows admins to upload files, create folders and manage users. Users are able to login to browse and read/download files.

Written in PHP - uses MySQL as backend.

Screenshot for Danish language. The project currently supports English and Danish as native languages. Configureable at installation.
Group functionality screen shot (again in Danish, but language pack for English is included in the release).

  • Password protected file/document management system
  • Simple installation process
  • Easy to configure
  • Two levels of users: Spectators and administrators
  • Administrators may upload, rename and delete documents/files and folders
  • Administrators may add and remove users to the system
  • Spectators may log in and read/browse folders and documents/files.
  • User group functionality to allow users to only see what is meant for them (i.e. separate management documents from employee documents)

  1. Download latest version from these pages
  2. Decompress the archive
  3. Modify mysqlconnect.php to suit your database setup
  4. Upload the files to your web server
  5. Open in a browser window
  6. Follow the instructions
  7. You're done!

Changing languages
All langauge configuration is handled by language.php. To translate to other languages or change the default phrases - simply edit languag.php and upload it to your server.
To change from the default English language to Danish - simply delete language.php and rename language-danish.php to language.php on your server.


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